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Batson Inc. provides mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation & controls engineering for a broad base of industrial clients. Our industrial services fall into three areas: Analysis, Design and Construction Management. Some engineering firms offer design services and some offer construction management. A few offer both design and construction management. However, we know of no other Arkansas engineering firm that offers the comprehensive suite of analysis services employing a complete suite of field data collection equipment and sophisticated engineering software. See Analysis Equipment and Software for more information on our analysis capabilities. See Design Services or Construction Management for more information about our design and construction management services.

Aware of the scheduling and budget constraints that are presented on most industrial projects, we focus on your particular needs for each project. We serve our clients in the capacities that fit their individual projects:

  • As engineers to help analyze problems

  • As designers to design processes for a new facility or integration of pre-manufactured equipment into an existing process

  • As construction managers to manage the entire construction effort from bidding to site contractor oversight

This is a coordinated approach to the entire engineering process since analysis feeds and supports design and design feeds and supports construction management.

An obvious question is, “How can one engineering firm offer such a broad range of services?” The answer is our people. Our Industrial Specialists have many years of experience with large facilities such as Evergreen Packaging, L’Oreal Cosmetics, Kimberly Clark, FutureFuel Chemical Co. (formerly Arkansas Eastman Chemical Company), Nucor Steel, Acxiom, Entergy coal-fired power plants, and Unilever as well as smaller operations. Significantly, our specialists have over 40 years of experience on plant staffs in several of the above industries. We make our living as engineering consultants but through many years of experience we know what it is like to sit on the other side of the desk.


Let the Industrial Specialists at Batson Inc. assist you with your next new facility, problem analysis, expansion, or renovation! We will gladly visit your site and provide a written fee proposal with no obligation until you authorize a detailed scope of work.

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