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Commerical MEP Design Services

Batson Inc’s core business was built around commercial MEP engineering services and it’s still a large part of what we do. We work with architects, building owners, developers, and property managers on everything from small renovations to new multi-building campus expansions. Our approach to every project includes hands-on principal involvement, integrated MEP design and coordination, and active participation in all phases of the project life cycle.


Our goals as designers and consultants mirror the clients. We want to deliver a safe, efficient, and useful space that meets the owner’s budget, time frame, and requirements. Contact us today and let us visit with you about our approach to your MEP needs.

Project Types
  • Multi Story Office Buildings

  • Low Rise Commercial Developments

  • Large and Small Data Centers

  • Community Centers

  • Natatoriums

  • High Rise Condominiums

  • Branch Banks

  • Existing Systems Upgrade and Replacement

  • Building Surveys

  • Schools

  • Universities

  • Corporate Headquarters

  • Restaurants

  • Commercial Kitchens

Design Services
  • Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems

  • Plumbing and Piping Systems for Waste Disposal, Process, and Steam

  • Fire Protection Sprinkler and Alarm Systems Criteria

  • Controls and Energy Management Systems Including Electric, Electronic, and Pneumatic

  • Smoke Control Systems Including Evacuation as well as Containment

  • Existing Facility Inspections to Determine Feasibility of Renovation or Conversion of Systems to New Occupancies

  • Establishment of Design Criteria for Design-Build Projects

  • Lighting Design for Interior and Exterior Spaces

  • High Voltage Power Distribution

  • Building Power Distribution

  • Power Quality Analysis and Design Including TVSS Applications, Computer Rooms, UPS Systems, and Lightning Protection

  • Facility Systems Design Including Fire Alarm, Communications, Data Transmission, and Security

  • Electrical System Monitoring Applications

  • Energy Surveys and Analysis

  • Systems Commissioning

  • LEED (Sustainable) Services

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