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  Batson Inc. is a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering corporation that has been in practice since 1984. We have accumulated a wide range of industrial, institutional, and commercial experience. We are constantly improving our knowledge in technical, management, and construction phases of work through continuing education.


As consultants, we feel that our role is to help our clients solve their problems. Listening to our clients and paying attention to their needs has proven to be a key to our success. Providing viable options and helping our clients to understand the impacts of decisions are important parts of our approach to doing business.


Our clients benefit as well from our practical approach and use of appropriate technologies and methods. We have not been swayed from our belief that simple solutions can be found for complex problems. Another advantage of our range of experience allows us to apply techniques that we have learned or developed in one segment of an industry as a new or special application for their particular project.


Batson Inc. can contribute to your projects by leading or being a member of the team. We are comfortable and perform well in both capacities. Our work ranges from the traditional consultant role for bid-spec work to a role as a strong team member of design-construct and fast track projects.


As engineers doing engineering, we approach our work without a product, system, or construction method bias. The advantage to our clients is a big picture approach rather than a preconceived solution.


 Your safety, comfort, profitability, and peace of mind can depend on how well we do our job for you. We take this responsibility seriously. We continue to develop  long term relationships with our clients and would welcome the opportunity to help you with your engineering needs.




Batson Inc. was established by Charles Batson in 1984 as a Professional Engineering Corporation. The corporation has been headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas ever since. The initial practice was mechanical engineering only. Electrical, industrial, and other specialty services have been added over the years. At times the firm has been as large as 24 employees with a total of 9 registered Professional Engineers. From the beginning we have focused on being among the best and not necessarily the biggest. The firm has always done work locally, regionally, and nationally since it was founded. We are licensed to practice in many states and have completed a few international projects for our local clients.

Batson Inc. received the Arkansas Quality Award in 1997 and 1998. We underwent a peer review in 2006 by the American Consulting Engineers Council. We continue our training efforts for all phases of the business. Our project approach and quality assurance efforts continue to change to meet the needs of the clients, time-lines of the projects, and evolving delivery methods. We have implemented Revit for BIM and IPD applications. We are continuously updating our tools and looking for new ways to transfer engineering design information to the field.

The firm continues to follow the core values of professionalism, technical ability, fairness, and respect. We also like to have a little fun. Providing high quality engineering and services, being on time, and staying in budget are the keys to our history of long term clients relationships.

Planning has always been a strong characteristic of the corporation. In 2009, additional principals were added to the firm as part of the long range plan. The new principals will transition into operations and management of the firm during the next few years.

In 2019 we celebrated our 35th anniversary. We are making plans and looking forward to the second 35 years with great pride in what we have achieved and much excitement about what we think the future holds.