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Celebrating 40 Years!

2024 marks our 40th year in the business! Here's a look at some of the milestones for our company.


Charles Batson establishes the The Batson Firm to provide mechanical and plumbing engineering for commercial construction. Charles began creating strong relationships with architects, contractors, and facility owners that still exist today.

Notable Events:
January 24, 1984
Apple’s Macintosh personal
computer debuts, described
as revolutionary by The New
York Times.


Electrical engineering is added for a full MEP engineering service offering.

Notable Events:
May 6, 1994
The Channel Tunnel (Chunnel) opens between France and England. The tunnel took
more than 7 years to complete.


The company name is changed to Batson Bravo Engineers, PA to commemorate a planned transition of company ownership and leadership.

Notable Events:
October 4, 2004
SpaceShipOne wins the
for the first
privately funded human



The addition of Project Manager Robby Bennett allows the company to further grow in the Industrial market segment.

robby headshot_edited.jpg

Notable Events:
June 29, 2007

Apple releases the first iPhone with 4GB or 8GB and a 2MP rear camera.



Mechanical PE Marc White is established as Operating Principal after 10 years with the firm.


Electrical PE Edward Hoey is named as Managing Principal after 15 years with the firm.

edward right_edited.jpg

Notable Events:
January 4, 2010

The Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest man-made structure at 2,717 feet is opened.


The company name is changed to Batson Inc. to reflect our maturity in the industry and new incorporation status. Several employee shareholders are added.

Notable Events:
August 6, 2012

Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity successfully lands on Mars.



Founder Charles Batson’s legacy lives on after his passing. We continue to build on the relationships he started and we continue to refine our engineering practice with his guiding principles.


40 Years!

Our 40th Year!
The entire Batson Inc. staff is motivated and committed to our company tenets of quality, trustworthiness, and enthusiasm for engineering

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