Welcome to the Batson Bonus

Throughout more than 40 years in the engineering industry, Charles Batson has collected vast and various expertise in engineering and consulting. He has succeeded in establishing his firm as a reliable provider of consulting services offering a high degree of accuracy, credibility, and integrity. Along the way, he has learned to navigate unique situations and surprises with fluidity and a healthy dose of humor. 

The Batson Bonus offers a peak into the life and career of our Founding Principal Engineer Charles Batson as only he can tell about it. A source for knowledge, perspective, and a hearty laugh from time to time, The Batson Bonus spans Charles's entire career and includes articles originally submitted or published in an early version of The Zweig Letter, a weekly newsletter for A/E and environmental services firm leaders. The Batson Bonus serves as a gentle reminder that life shouldn't be taken too seriously.